Web hosting: What type should I use?

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When it comes to web hosting there quite a range of products that, at a glance, all seem to be very much the same. In this article, I am going to talk about the pros and cons of each kind of web hosting package you may come across so you can make an informed choice.

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Web hosting: What type should I use?
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What is web hosting?

Before a website can be shown to the world it needs somewhere to live. This is where a web hosting services come into play. It gives your website a home on a special computer known as a web server where your website can be remotely accessed using the Internet.

Web hosting comes in many shapes and sizes, with the three main categories being shared hosting (including cloud hosting), a virtual private server (VPS) and a dedicated server.

Shared and cloud web hosting.

Shared web hosting is when your website is housed on just one web server alongside many other websites. All the websites hosted on a shared server share the same facilities, such as processing power and memory, at the same time.

Shared hosting has improved in recent years with a technology known as “Cloud Hosting”. Basically, your website is hosted on several shared servers. This improves your websites loading time and minimizes the possibility of downtime. Some website hosting companies include cloud hosting as an additional package. Other hosts, like 123.reg, use cloud hosting as their only shared hosting package.

The prose of shared web hosting.

Sharing a web server with many other users means that you share all the running costs. Shared hosting starts from around £3.00 per month. When you need more resources it is easy to upgrade when you need to.

Cons of shared web hosting.

A shared server can also have its drawbacks. The activity from other websites on your server can affect the performance of your own site. Especially at busy times. If you intend to build a site with lots of features you may find the resources on your shared hosting package limiting.

When to use shared web hosting?

  • New websites (that are not yet getting a lot of traffic).
  • Personal websites.
  • Small business card sites.
  • Bloggers.

virtual private server

A virtual private server, or also known as a VPS is a partition of a shared server. Your VPS will run its own operating system indispensably to its neighbouring partitions allowing you total control of the server. You will still be sharing a server with others but this is kept to a minimum.

The prose of a virtual private server.

You have full control over a VPS and have full say on what applications you would want to run. More processing power at your fingertips with fewer neighbours hogging the resources. Less expensive than a dedicated server.

Cons of using a VPS.

The actions of another website can still have an ffect on your own site. Not as low cost as low priced as shared web hosting.

When to use a Virtual private server

  • Once your website starts getting a decent amount of traffic.
  • If you plan to host several websites.
  • If you intend to use resource-hungry applications.
  • When you become a power blogger.

A dedicated web server.

Just as the name suggests, a dedicated server means that you are renting your very own machine. This comes with added benefits but there are also some negatives you need to think about.

Prose from using a dedicated server.

No neighbours hogging your resources. No neighbours causing security problems. Total control means you can customise your server as you wish. Great for resource loving applications.

Cons of using a dedicated server.

It can be very expensive for a small startup. Thecnicle knowledge is a must in some cases. Unless your dedicated server package comes as “managed” you may have to find time to maintain it yourself.

When to use a dedicated web server?

  • The larger business that has a lot of traffic.
  • Heave resource users such as gaming websites.

So which type of web hosting is best for you?

Choosing the right kind of web hosting package can be daunting. However, bare this one thing in mind. If you are just starting out in business or looking to build a website for other reasons it is perfectly ok to start out with shared hosting. It is always posiable to upgrade to more powerful option any time in the future. Unless you know that your website will have special needs from the onset, this will probably be your best option, for now.

Once you know what type of web hosting you will be going for it is always best to look a  few hosting companies to see what’s on offer. I recommend 123.reg as they have a great range of products. All reasonably priced.

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