Snake Logo Design: 12 Snake logo designs to inspire​ you.

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The snake as a symbol has an early appearance in history that has remained with us ever since. The humble serpent has represented both good and evil along with everything in between. Here is an inspiring collection to help you come up with some ideas for a “striking” snake logo design

The symbolism of the snake.

The snake temps eve to eat the apple in the garden of eden.

In the Bible, the devil appears to Eve in the form of a snake and persuade her to eat the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. This led to all mankind being expelled from the magic garden known as Eden. 

Statue of Asclepius with his snake wrapped staff.

But the much older snake like symbolism comes from the  Ancient Greeks. The Snake and Staff logo has been used by medical and emergency organisations throughout the ages and dates back to Ancient Greek mythology, with Asclepius, the human born demigod of medicine.

The snake also signifies fertility, rebirth, guardianship, poison and revenge.

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Here are 12 Snake logo designs to inspire you.

Snake logo design 1.

snake logo design 1

Logo source

Snake logo design 2.

Snake logo design 2

Logo source.

Snake logo design 3.

Snake logo design 3

Logo source

Ophidian logo design 4.

Snake logo design 4

Logo source.

Snake logo design 5.

Snake logo design 5

Logo source.

Snake logo design 6.

Snake logo design 8

Logo source.

Snake logo design 7.

Snake logo design 7

Logo source.

Snake design 8.

Snake logo design 8

Logo source.

Serpent logo design 9.

Snake logo design 9

Logo source.

Snake logotype 10.

Snake logo design 10

Logo source.

erpent logo design 11.

Snake logo design 11

Logo source.

Snake logo 12.

Snake logo design 12

Logo source.

Hope you have enjoyed our collection of snake logo designs, and that it has given you some inspiration with your own creativity

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