Simple terms of service.

The logo design process begins.

Once we have all the relevant information from you the design process will begin. we may need to ask you for additional information if your initial brief does not answer all the questions required including “Your ideas for the design.”

You have to provide at least one initial idea to base your design(s) on.

See our articles:

Logo Design Process: A Step By Step Guide.

Logo Design Brief: What A Logo Designer Needs To Know.


Revisions are cosmetic changes to the chosen design such as colours sizing and font styles. Revisions are not new design concepts.

30 day after sales support.

The thirty day after sales support includes extra support for thirty days after you have been sent your final files and includes remote assistance with things like resizing image files and adjustments to colour. It does not, however, include redesigning or changing your chosen logo design concept. The price of this service is for the design of the logo or artwork, It does not include any branding.

Money back guarantee.

After reviewing the initial logo design concepts you decide the product is not for you please let us know as soon as posable. We will cancel your transaction and initiate  full refund to your original payment method. Once you have chosen your concept and either requested a) revision(s) or b) the final files, then you no longer qualify for the refund.

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