Logo Design Process: A step by step guide.

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Logo Design Process. A step by step guide.

We wrote this post about our logo design process. It is aimed at everyone who is interested in graphic design, and in particular, logo design.  That is all of our customers, past, current and also potential customers.  Also for others who may be already in the business or wish to create there own logo design. I will explain in detail how we use the information collected from the logo design brief form and how we use it throughout our logo design process. You will find the logo design brief form on our logo design package product pages.

The Logo Mojo logo design process.

Logo design brief.

We need to get to know you. Get to know your business and organisation.  Each logo designer has their own method for collecting the required data.  At Logomojo.uk we use our very own logo design brief form. You will find the form on all of the logo design package pages that we offer. Like the one on our “Starter Pluss” logo design package.  We are great believers in “ask the right question to get the right answer”.

The “Logo Mojo” logo design brief form.

The logo design brief form is really simple to use and it just has just six questions to answer. Three of the questions are mandatory.  You fill out the form just before you add the “logo design package” to your shopping basket.  Providing that the three mandatory fields are all filled in you are taken to your basket. Then you can check and amend any details before proceeding to the checkout page where you can use your debit or credit card to make a payment over a secure, and encrypted connection. We receive the form data by email. The purchaser also gets a copy of the form as part of the order confirmation email.

Design brief form questions.

logo design process (the logo design brief form)

The logo design brief form asks the following questions.  Detailed answers to the questions are essential to the logo design process.

The questions:

  • Business/organisation name as to appear on logo * (required).
  • Tagline/slogan (optional).
  • The nature of the business * (required).
  • Your ideas for the logo design* (required).
  • Prefered Colours (optional).
  • A web address  (URL) for any associated websites (optional).

A “File upload” button has been added to the logo design brief form. If you have an image, file to support the logo design brief, you can upload it using this button. For example, an image of an earlier logo or a rough sketch of your own ideas. The later can be either scanned, but a snapshot of the image via smartphone is the norm. And, as it is only a “rough” drawing, all it takes is good light and a straight angle in order to get the idea across.


The data you supply on the logo design brief form is the cornerstone of the research process. We now start to gather, research material by analysing the information the client has submitted.

Business name as to appear on the logo.

The clue is in the question …” as to appear on” the logo. Pretty straightforward really.  Businesses put a lot of thought into the business name. On occasions, people do not consider how a name will look when set up as part of the business logo. Some names can be extremely long or example. But I will save that one for another story.

As a logo designer, you know that aesthetically a shorter version of the business name would make a better logo.  So, in this case, part of the research will be contacting the client to see what could be changed.  It may just be a case of shortening name in way of initials or an acronym. Abbreviating the word “Limited” at the end or even losing it altogether. Not always posable, but you are only doing your best for your client by asking.  As the client, you will be glad of the choice.

Taglines and slogans.

A descriptive tagline often bodes well against a lesser descriptive name.  Especially when the organisation or business are just setting out. If the connection between the name and slogan are not obvious then there may be a story there that the client has not included in their brief. Again, in the name of research, we ask the client about it. The missing story could be the making of a brilliant logo design.

The nature of the business.

The purchaser has the opportunity here to give as much information about their niche industry or club or non-profit mission. Yes, it is not all just corporate and business.

If you want a bit of thought put into the logo design process you need to point my thinking in the right direction.

So you are in the knitting machine distribution business or you run a snail breeding farm.  You have a story to tell. We would love to read your story.

You may want to add what makes your organisation stand out from your competitors.Or what you do differently from the rest of the crowd. How you see yourself(s).

Logo Design Process- A step by step guide. keyboard drawing pad flowchart coffee. logomojo.uk

Your ideas for the logo design.

clouded think bubble with ? question mark logo design process

That’s right, this field in the logo design brief form is mandatory and comes to a shock to some when I need to get back to them. After submitting the form, and passing through checkout with this field containing the single phrase “open to suggestions”. Of course, this is a genuine mistake and I am very sympathetic by giving some pointers.

Our happiest clients are those who get what they wanted and we love giving people what they want. We only know what they want because they told us so.

No matter how vague or chaotic you think your ideas are, we need them as a base for your logo design. The information will be helpful to the logo design process and aid in the research gathering. we may have to ask you to elaborate further, but only in a helpful manner. Offering pointers at the same time. But at the end of the day, the ideas will come from you.

Prefered colours.

This field is optional and if they are not important to you at this stage don’t worry. Colours can be changed at a later stage during the logo design process.

You may already have a colour scheme planned.  As an established brand, you will want the logo to match with colours you already use. Staff uniforms, website themes for example. Again, we will change colours at a later to your chosen design concept during the revision part of the logo design process.

If you have existing colours you want us incorporated into the logo design then please be sure to complete this field.

A web address (URL) for any associated websites.

This can also extend to social media pages such as a Facebook business page or fan page.

A live website will give us more insight into business or organisation. Your about page, product pages, and service information could give us extended research resources to enhance your contributions already submitted.

As mentioned above, if you are comfortable with your current website theme we can mache your logo to the theme colours.

Beyond the form.

Once we have milked the client for all the information they didn’t know they had on their chosen niche we take a look at the competition.

We look at what they do and compare to what we have already learnt from the client’s logo design brief.

Then at branding. This helps us avoid any common cliches and familiarities. Something like… does not mean the same, where being unique is of the utmost importance.

Concepts and design.

What is a logo design concept?

For the purpose of logo design, the logo design concept is the representation of the logo as described in the logo design brief, in this case by the client, and how it is interpreted and presented by the logo designer.

Each drat logo design concept choice should be unique in relation to each other as far as the logo design brief permits and depends on how specific of flexible the logo design brief.

Drawing up the initial proof drafts.

During the research process, we will have come up with a couple of logo design concept ideas based on and around the information that has been submitted during on the logo design brief form.

Once we have two or three logo design concepts, using a vector drawing application we create your initial logo design concepts. The number of logo design concepts offered up for choice is dependent on the chosen vector drawing application. Further ideas for the remaining logo design concepts are inserted once this part of the logo design process has begun.

Presentation of initial logo design concepts.

When we have at least 3 and up to 9 initial concepts (dependent on your logo design package) in draft format, we will email your proof logo designs drafts (watermarked) for your appraisal and feedback.

As soon as you are ready and you know what design you would like to go with just let us know by reply to the email, and if there are any changes you would like to see regards to colours, font type, placement, and alignment before preparing your final files. For your first revision, you can even mix and match elements from one concept to another. If this works for you this can be your chosen logo design concept. You can repeat the revision process as many times as you like before choosing your chosen logo design.

Finalisation of the logo design process.

Once you are happy with your design we will prepare your files and include all image and other formats and any extra concepts purchased.  Email them to you along with an explanation of all the formats and their uses.

Support period.

It doesn’t end once you received your files.

We give our clients  30 days to get back to us if they need any assistance with aspects of your logos uses.  More details on the 30-day support service can be found on our simple terms of service page

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