How to install a WordPress theme the easy way.

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In our previous post Build a website for next to nothing with WordPress.” I showed you how simple it is for anyone who can use a word processor like “MS Word” can build a website. In this post, I am going to show you how easy it is to install a WordPress theme. There are thousands of themes out there. Many free and freemium are available in the repository and there are also many more “Premium” Word|Press themes available across websites like “Theme Forest”

Before you install a WordPress theme and activate it you need to rember that it change how your site would look and in some casess, how your website will funtion.

There are two very simple ways to install a WordPress Theme from your WordPress admin area.

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Install a WordPress theme from the repository.

Your first step is to go to your WordPress admin dashboard and select “Appearance” and “Themes” from the left side menu.

serlect=Appearance=Themes install a wordpress themme

Then click on “add new”…

Then click on add new install a WordPress theme

…and you will be presented with a page like this one. ↓

Install a WordPress Theme Add wordpress themes

Browse and search for a new WordPress theme to install.

You can browse for themes by “Featured”, “Popularity”, “Favourites”, or select features. You can also search for themes by name, you already know what WordPress theme you want to install, or by keyword. For example, you may be looking for a magazine styled theme. So searching for magazine or news will give you some appropriate results.

browse or search for a wordpress theme

Under the ‘Popular” tab I found this theme called “CollorMag”.

colormag wordpress theme screen shot

Preview your WordPress them before installation.

When you have found a WordPress theme you think you would like, hover the mouse over the image to reveal the “install” and “preview” buttons.

Click the preview button before you install a WordPress theme

The preview page shows how the fonts, headings, links, buttons look excenter: As the subtitle on the “preview Site” says, “Previewing Another WordPress Blog “. on the left hand side you will find a preview image of how the front page could look when filled with your site’s content (Page and Post excerpts) and you have set things up in the Customizer. Underneath is a short description of the theme and its possible uses.  On the ColorMag preview page, the author has added a static URL (link) to a live demo website showing the theme at its full potential.

wordpress theme preview how to install a wordpress theme

If you are happy with the theme so far, then click install. But do not activate it just yet. Otherwise, you can continue your search the theme that is right for your website.

Live Preview your newly installed theme.

After installation, the “install” button text will change to “activate”.  Ignor this for now. Go back to your “installed themes” by clicking “Appearance” then “Themes” once more in your admin dashboard. You will see that you’re newly installed WordPress theme is included in the list of installed WordPress themes. If you hover over the newly installed theme you can access the “Live Preview” button. Click on the button.

istalled wordpress themes How to install a WordPress theme

Your site will open in the customizer and you can see how your content appears in the new theme. Happy with the fonts and headings? Then Click Activate.

Live preview mode

Next Steps.

And there you have it. You have installed and activated a theme to your WordPress site. Remeber, your new theme will change the way your site looks and functions. You can now go to the “customizer” to configure the site as you want it. All themes are not the same so I will not be giving any information on this. Now that the theme is activated you will find links to “documentation” or support page to show you how to do this for your chosen theme within the customizer or within the theme info section.

Install a WordPress theme from your computer.

You can install a WordPress theme that you have downloaded to your computer. You can download themes from the WordPress theme repository, or from any site that sells premium WordPress themes. Such as “Theme Forest”.  For this example, we are going to download the “ColorMag” theme from the repository.

Download wordpress theme

Click the “Download” button to begin the download. When the download is complete locate the file on your computer (usually in your download folder) and check that is “Zipped” The Zipped file will look something like this. ↓

ColorMag wordpress theme zip file image

If your browser settings are set to automatically open Zipped files you will to zip or compress the whole folder before you upload it to your WordPress themes.

Once you have your zipped WordPress theme file on your computer go back to appearance themes and click the “Add New” button as previously shown above. From there you can click the “Upload Theme” button located at the top left. ↓

upload wordpress themmes

From the following option select the choose file button. ↓

Select chooses file button

Locate the zipped file and select then click “Choose” ↓

locate and Choose wordpress theme file file

Click “Install Now” ↓

Click install now

Now follow the steps above to preview and activate your newly installed WordPress them.

You now know how to install a WordPress theme.

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