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My first encounter with Alice and her unusual experience in Lewis Carroll’s Wonderland was back in the early 1970’s. As one of my mother’s favourite childhood storybooks, she enjoyed reading it to my younger self and even younger brother. “Alices Adventures in Wonderland” is probably one of the best examples of children’s literature of all times with its quirky narration, ever fast plot and awesome Illustrations. Full of puns and tame inuendoes. It certainly added extra inspiration to my already comprehensive young imagination. It has also inspired me to write this post and to give away my contribution as “Free Alice In Wonderland Image files

Mother was always quoting Alice. To be told there “was no room” she would smile and reply “Why there is plenty of room” Or to be told that she “was mad,” she says “we are all mad here, I’m mad, your mad. You must be mad, otherwise, you wouldn’t have come here”.

About the Ilastations.

John Tenniel Free Alice in Wonderland images
Sir John Tenniel 1820-1914

The early edition Illustrations where created by the Political cartoonist and illustrator Sir John Tenniel. Just like the book, John Tenniel’s drawings of Alice and fellow characters are in the public domain. This means that they are free to use, however you wish.

I have reproduced my 18 Tenniel Free Alice In Wonderland Image files in high-resolution ping. image file format with transparent backgrounds. I have done this with art and craft hobbyists and craft business people in mind.

How can you use your free Alice In Wonderland Image files?

Once you have unlocked and downloaded your files just open the zip file or folder to access the 18 hi-resolution png files. You can use the files just like any digital photo/image file.

As I have removed the background for you, you can place the image on any lighter surface directly and the background of your creation will show through.

You can use the images in many ways. One example is to print directly onto heat transfer paper (iron on t=shirt paper) and transfer the image onto a cushion or mug or even a wooden box. The options are endless.

Unlock your Free Alice In Wonderland png Image files.

As mentioned, you are allowed to use these Alice In Wonderland Image files for your own projects and sell or give away those projects as you wish. I only ask that you do not distribute the files in any way. If your friends and family would like their own copy of the download please direct them to this page where they can “share” and download their own copy.

Free Alice in wonderland images download Pillow-Mockup-18x18
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