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Snake Logo Design: 12 Snake logo designs to inspire​ you.

The snake as a symbol has an early appearance in history that has remained with us ever since. The humble serpent has represented both good and evil along with everything in between. Here is an inspiring collection to help you come up with some ideas for a “striking” snake logo design.  The symbolism of the snake. In the …

Seaside logo design: 8 seaside logo designs to inspire you.

If your business venture is based or close to a seaside resort then you probably want a seaside themed logo design.

Each seaside logo design has been handpicked to get your creative juices flowing.

Business logo ideas:​​ Don’t get in a rut, get creative.

This article is aimed at helping businesses and organisations to come up with business logo ideas that will fit both their business profile and their individuality.

Whether you are using an in-house designer, employing a freelancer, or going full out and doing it all yourself, you will need to prepare some form of logo design brief.

Cat logo design- 18 cat logo designs for inspiration.

Here is my collection of 18cat logo designs. Several have been created by us at Logo Mojo, and the other cat logo design (s) by different sources. Cats have fascinated mankind for milenia. The ancient Egyptians worshiped them as goods. We know this by the hypoglycaemic drawings and statues they left behind. Images of cats, …

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