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Decorative Patterns:​ Free download for art & craft projects.

If your art and craft projects involve printing to your own fabrics, paper or other materials then this could be for you. The pack of decorative patterns is totally free of charge, and can be downloaded in an instant.

A set of decorative patterns consisting of 18 designs in an array of postal colours. These free resources have been created with a realistic brush effect.

10 Home based business ideas You could start right away.

10 Home based business ideas You could start right away.

In today’s article, I am going to talk to you about different home based business ideas you could probably start today. Has it been one of those days, when the alarm has woken you far too early? All you really want to do is to roll over and return to the land of slumber, to never …

The best Paid Online Survey provider.

general public Paid Online Survey

Each paid online survey you complete will add points to your YouGov UK account. Depending on the length and priority of the survey, you could earn between 50p and £3.00 per survey. The most common ones being 50p for a five to fifteen minute paid online survey. That averages out at £3.00 per hour. Not exactly the living wage, but as you can take part in most paid online surveys during a coffee break, or when relaxing at home watching T.V. it could be considered money for nothing.

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