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Five craft books for inspiration and ideas.

Five craft books for inspiration and ideas.

Just like songwriters and authors suffer from writer’s block, crafters like you and me often find themselves stuck in a creative quagmire and lost for ideas when looking for a new project to get their teeth into. So I have created this list of craft books for inspiration and ideas to get your creative juices flowing. My choice of …

Free Alice In Wonderland Image files

Alice In Wonderland Image files

Once you have unlocked and downloaded your files just open the zip file or folder to access the 18 hi-resolution png files. You can use the files just like any digital photo/image file.

As I have removed the background for you, you can place the image on any lighter surface directly and the background of your creation will show through.

7 great logo design books essentials for your bookshelf

logo design books 7 of the best for your book case

It’s not always easy going when searching for inspiration for your newest logo design project.  There are many resources we can use and having a well-stocked bookcase is one of them.  Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting back with a cup of your favourite beverage flicking through the illustrated pages of a couple of …

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