Cat logo design- 18 cat logo designs for inspiration.

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moonrat cat logo design

Here is my collection of 18cat logo designs. Several have been created by us at Logo Mojo, and the other cat logo design (s) by different sources.

Cats have fascinated mankind for milenia. The ancient Egyptians worshiped them as goods. We know this by the hypoglycaemic drawings and statues they left behind.

Cave painting depicting a cat.
Image credited to

Images of cats, large and small, are found in caves. Created by our cave dwelling ancestors.

Human fascination with cats and cat kind has followed us through the ages. They are mentioned in mythology and more modern poetry. T.S. Eliot’sOld Possum’s Book of Practical Cats”, published in 1939. The book of cat poetry later become the inspiration for the musical “Cats”. The show features all the charming and lovable characters from Eliot’s book. “Cats”, the musical, are probably the owners of the most famous feline theemed logos ever.

Well, I can go on about cats all day, however, we have some serious browsing to do. So without further ado, here is my selection of 18 cat based logos.

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18 Cat logo designs for inspiration.

Cat logo design #1

Cat Hero.

Cat logo design #2

Purfect Coffee.

Purfect Coffee. cat logo designs
By Logo Mojo.

Cat logo design #3


Meow. cat logo design
By Logo Mojo.

Cat logo design #4


whiskas whiskers cat logo design
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Cat logo design #5


boldykitty bold kitty cat logo design
Source unknown
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Cat logo design #6

Cat Book.

Cat logo design #7


Shirley Shirly cat logo design
By Logo Mojo.

Cat logo design #8

Cat Store.

Cat logo design #9


Cat logo design #10

Bar with cats.

Cat logo design #11

Moon Cat.

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Cat logo design #12

Square Cat.

Square Cat logo design

Cat logo design #13


Cat logo design #14


Cat logo design #15

Minimalistic Cat.

Minimalistic Cat logo design

Cat logo design #16

CATS The Musicale.

CATS The Musicale logo design.
Logo source.

Cat logo design #17

Two Cats.

Cat logo design #18

Minimalist Cat.

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