Business logo ideas:​​ Don’t get in a rut, get creative.

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This article is aimed at helping businesses and organisations to come up with business logo ideas that will fit both their business profile and their individuality.

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Whether you are using an in-house designer, employing a freelancer, or going full out and doing it all yourself, you will need to prepare some form of logo design brief. 

Some more expensive services may include an initial consultation, where a plan of action will be drawn up, but at the end of the day, your business logo ideas will come from you. Or from within your organisation if you are able to delegate.  Even if you do not realize it at the time. As a business, you do not need anyone to tell you that time is money. So you do not want to waste any of it on numerous proof shows with no outcome.  

Here at Logo Mojo, we ask for all information up front with a simple form on our product pages. This way we can produce the logo design you require in minimal time at a great price. Packages begin at £25.99 and include a choice of conepts with unlimated revisions.

Elevation Sports logo design idea
Elevation Sports is a program to help children who have been excluded from school.

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Find inspiration for your business logo ideas.

Follow these tips to help you come up with some ideas for your business logo.

Take a deep look into your business..

Ask your self, what makes your business stand out from your competition? What are your goals and philosophies? Do you have a mission statement? Is their any interesting history? Do you have a story to tell?

Visit some design sites.

Design sites like “Creative Market” are a great place to start. Look at all kinds of designs, not just logos for artistic inspiration. Mockups, posters and even photos. This is all bound to sterup some creative excitment from within.

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Look at other businesses in your industry.

See what other brands have gone fore. This isn’t about copying what others have done, no. This is a mission to find out what they have not to jet done. Take this attitude and your business logo ideas will come flooding in.

Northumbria chimney sweep’s logo design is a parody oft the county councells coat of arms. 

Get reading.

There are some great books on logo design and logo design ideas. Check-out your local library or bookshops. Here is a search for great titles on Amazon.

Take a timeout.

Hit a mental brick wall? Do not panic. Chill out. Put this task down. Stop overworking it. Becours this will only stress you out.

The Plot is a vegan event catering business. The original concept involved a chopping board and knife. Just the standalone pepper became the favourable choice during the revision process.

Go for a stroll. Walk the dog. Visit the pub. Have a pint for me while you are at it. Anything that is not related to the task. Often ideas just come out of the blue when you are not expecting them to.

Now you are all refreshed and buzzing with inspiration. Lets get to work on those business logo ideas.

Hand made soap by Ilona logo design idea
Ilona uses a large pot to cook her homemade soaps.

Keep these key points in mind.

Simple, simple, simple.

Keep things simple. As a logo needs to capture it’s viewers attention as soon as possible. Cramming too much visual information will just confuse people and just fogs over the message you want to send.

This is a good example of an effective simple logo design idea.
The Norfolk chimney and stove Co. simple logo design idea
A simple image will speak a thousand words. 

Bear in mind that the logo will be miniaturised so it still has to look good when it is used on letterheads and website headers. And don’t forget merchandise.

Jonny insisted that there should be several icons as it will cover his extended product category range.
A simple word mark logo design idea.

Keep things relevant.

If your organisation is called “Three Little Birds” then your logo design ideas should not sport a version of the three wise monkeys. Because this will not reflect the true identaty of the organisations.

Three little birds logo design ideas
This is the result based on a sketch drawn by the client herself.
three little birds logo design sketch
My client included this sketch when submitting the logo design brief form.
Equidigit Ltd logo
This client is running his equestrian business alongside with his computer repair service.

My client here had decided he wanted to run his two businesses as one, using just one name. 

So it’s a wrap.

So this concludes our short article on how to achieve your logo design ideas requirements without getting your knickers in a twist. If you have any tips of your own, or just want to join in with the conversation please comment below. Your input will be reryy much apricated. I will reply to all.

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