Logo Mojo is becoming a logo showroom.

That’s right. We have decided to transform this established website into a collection of sample logo designs from logo design services providers spread across servile marketplace platforms worldwide. You should be able to find some great inspiration here for your logo design quest.

Each logo design or graphic display will include links to the creator’s sales page, so you can inspect their wearers purchase a service right for you. This could be on Etsy, Creative Market, eBay, and maybe on Amazon. Who knows?

The displayed logo designs are done so with permission granted by our affiliate partners and their vendors.

Besides showcasing the great works of the freelance logo designer we hope to re-continue adding interesting and helpful business themed posts.

Please feel free to browse.

Please note that we no longer provide a logo design service anymore. Below I have left the original contents (underscored) of this About page for the transit period.

This website contains links to services and products on Amazon. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases and referrals.

Logo Mojo Logo Design King’s Lynn

This is our story.

Logo Mojo is the family-run logo design studio based in Heacham, King’s Lynn. Norfolk, in the United Kingdom.  We concentrate mainly on designing new logos for business, clubs and other organisations large and small. The service we give is affordable,  cost-effective & very friendly, while at the same time turning out quality, client centred logo designs.  We have been designing logo art since 2010, with over five hundred designs to our name.  You can find many great examples of our work on our portfolio pages and across the site.  We updated with new samples and posts them on a regular basis. We are Enjoying logo design King’s Lynn!

Passionate about our work.

Our passion for logo art began when we decided to create a logo for our own photography service that we were running at the time.  Soon after, friends and business associates asked us to design logos for them, and that’s when it all kicked off.  We began by selling our logo design service on via Facebook.  As a business,  we now concentrate all our energy on our logo design.

About logo mojo the-team

We love what we do and take real pride in our work.  This is why we built this website, so we can create for you, our customer, your very own eye-catching logo designs that can set your business or organisation apart from your competition.  Our launched in October 2015 under the first name of jkogos.com.  We rebranded in December  (2016) under our new name Logo Mojo or logomojo as part of our continuing evolution.

Some tech Stuff

We use the latest version of Autodesk Graphic (formerly iDraw)  to create our designs.  This application is akin to and uses the same vector graphic technology as Adobe Illustrator ( aka AI).   This means that it is posable for the image to be enlarged to any size without pixelation or distortion when using the vector-based PDF file supplied as part of the package.  In addition, you will also receive regular image file formats in JPG and PNG formats as well as the original source files in SVG and IDraw.  The SVG and PDF files are compatible with Adobe Illustrator and Coral Draw and many other good graphic design applications including the well-acclaimed open source application, Inkscape.

Order your logo  Needs updating

John Watkins.: Logo Designer.  Website owner,  author/blogger and dog lover…..

Currently working on a logo design King’s Lynn.

More about Logo Mojo and this site.

As well as a portal for my logo design venture I publish a blog on all things related to and around the themes of logo design like the small business, WordPress and over topics as they arise.  Sharing advice tips and other topical conversation to everyone that has an interest.

When I began the blog I did so with  S.E.O. in mind.  But I now blog because I enjoy doing so.

Advertising and affiliations.

Keeping a blog online and maintaining it costs a little money for things like web space and hosting, energy, and people time.  So without going overboard, (please let us know if you think we are) on our blogs, we include ads in our posts.  This helps towards the running costs of maintaining the blog.   If we are reviewing or giving advice on a third-party product such as a book or an application, any outbound links related to the item(s) may be affiliated.  We will give more details of any affiliation within the related post.

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